African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms


African Pyramid, also known as A.T. — African Transkei (as well as S.A.T. — South African Transkei), is the one and only Psilocybe cubensis strain that naturally originates from the dry and sunny Wild Coast Region of South Africa.

Experience unforgettable trip with African Pyramid magic mushrooms:

  • Elegant triangle cap makes them worth their name;
  • Average and above-average psilocybin punch sends you to outer space with unusual body sensations;
  • A.T. is one of the youngest strains discovered, which makes it a prospective mushroom for scientific research.

It is worth noting that naturally growing S.A.T. is less potent than one grown in perfect conditions at home or in the lab. You can buy top-notch African Pyramid mushrooms online in Canada in our store and enjoy tingling body sensations and strong visuals.

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African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms
African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms

African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms

African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms Effects & What to expect

Effects vary from person to person, since even each mushroom in a cluster has a unique psilocybin/psilocin ratio. Here is a breakdown of the effects at different dosages for dried African Pyramid magic mushrooms:

African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms Microdose:

  • Increased mood;
  • You became talkative and more social;
  • Boosted creativity.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Vivid closed-eye hallucinations start here;
  • More pronounced euphoric sensations;
  • Light-twinkling body experience.

Full recreational dose:

  • Prominent body sensations specific to this strain;
  • Astounding visuals;
  • Skin-tingling.

High dose:

  • Time distortion;
  • Dancing geometric shapes, lights and traces;
  • Overwhelming feeling of peace, joy and possibility.

Heroic dose:

Overall, African Pyramid mushrooms are recognized for their body sensations rather than visuals. They promote an absolutely new perception of reality and one’s place in it.

African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms – Occasions

Because of distinguish A.T. effects, this strain is perfect for a wide range of activities. If you are an experienced user, who feels comfortable during the trip not at home or alone, you can go for a walk in the woods. Here are some additional suggestions:

  • Painting session, be sure that you draw a masterpiece;
  • Meditation and full relaxation for introverts;
  • Parties and social events for extraverts.

We don’t recommend going out if you plan to take a high or heroic dose. Dancing lights and melting objects are stunning when you enjoy them in the safe zone without the risk to your life!

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